Stop Sewage Dumping in Our Rivers

Your Conservative MP had the chance to stop water companies dumping sewage in our rivers. He voted against it.

In 2020, water companies released raw sewage into the country’s rivers more than 400,000 times over a total of 3.1 million hours. The Environment Bill of 2021 would have placed legal duties on the companies who made discharges. Our Conservative MP voted against it.

The Environment Agency revealed that Southern Water pumped 486 hours’ worth of sewage into the River Itchen in 2021-22. The Itchen is one of only 210 chalk streams in the entire world and is home to many rare animals, including white-clawed crayfish and water vole.

Liz Jarvis: ‘This story is disgusting for a number of reasons, what disgusted me the most was the failure to act by our Conservative MP. He was presented with an opportunity to act but decided to blindly vote as he was told. This decision has major implications for the safety of our rivers in the long-term, not just for our endangered wildlife, but for swimmers, dogs, and children who will not be able to play safely.’

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