160,000 Trees!


Campaigning Lib Dems have got the Borough Council to commit to planting 160,000 new trees over the next twenty years, writes Cllr Tonia Craig. 

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Anne and Nick Confirm: Housing will be BLOCKED


Action from Liberal Democrat campaigners has won a pledge from Eastleigh Borough Council that greenfield land in the “Strategic Growth Option” will NOT be built on.

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Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19)


The current public health crisis is causing considerable concern among members, supporters and local residents. We want to make sure everyone knows where they can find current guidance and seek help or advice.

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Lynda Murphy Opposes Airport Expansion

Lib Dems select popular campaigner Lynda Murphy to fight for Eastleigh


Local Campaigner Lynda Murphy will contest the Eastleigh Constituency in any upcoming General Election, in a fight that could be close between Lynda and the Conservatives.

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