Parking Beware!


In a shock move, Conservative Hampshire County Council is looking to take over on-street parking and hike charges for residents’ permits with a MINIMUM £50 charge for all.

And new fees could be introduced in areas that have NO charges at present.

"This is very serious", writes Cllr Paul Bicknell (pictured, with Cllr Alex Bourne).  "It seems the County appear to want to run street parking to make money. Early indications are parking permits will go up for everyone in the borough and rise each year with inflation. 

“The County Conservatives have indicated visitor permits may no longer be free, and existing free parking bays may also be charged.  New parking zones could come in across the rest of the town, again with a minimum £50 charge."

Your Lib Dem team are on your side.  We want control of street parking kept in local hands, where the Borough Council has kept charges down and even introduced ‘free after 3pm’ parking in in the town centre. 

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