M27 Noise Forever?

Lib Dem campaigner Cllr Richard Gomer says “enough is enough”

Highways England have announced they are to break their promise to resurface the M27 with quieter noise surfacing when they do their “Smarter Motorway” work this year.

It’s a major broken promise from the Conservative Government. 

Eastleigh’s Tory MP has abjectly failed to honour the commitment won by former Lib Dem MP Mike Thornton for a quieter surface, that was due in 2017 and only postponed to be carried out at the same time as the Smarter Motorway project.

All Highways England now say is that they will do the work at some point in the future.  They won’t say when.  And it will mean even MORE roadworks and delays when they finally 
get round to it.

It’s a fiasco and a disgrace.  Noise pollution matters.  It seems the Tories don’t care.

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