Bruce is the Best Choice for West End North

In West End North, Bruce Tennent is the best person for the job! Here's how Bruce and the Lib Dems are delivering for West End and across Eastleigh.

🌳 160,000 more trees by 2030.
🌍 Carbon neutral council by 2025.
🐝 Protected green gaps around West End - NO new sites in the Local Plan.
💷 Cuts to council tax every year for 19 years; with NO cuts to services!
📚 Worked to protect West End library from Conservative cuts.
🛣️ Campaigned to finally get the M27 resurfaced.
🏰 Secured extra cash for community facilities, including play area upgrades.
🗞️ Kept in touch all year round with Focus, for over 40 years!

Bruce lives here and will put West End FIRST.


More About Bruce

My name's Bruce Tennent; I've been the Borough Councillor for West End North since 2006. It's a tremendous privilege to be your representative, and it's a responsibility that I take very seriously.

For me, being your local councillor isn't really about politics, it's about working for the community. It's been my pleasure to get to know so many people in West End over the years, and to have helped so many people with the problems that they've brought to me. From chasing the county council to repair or resurface our roads, to advancing the council's plans for 160,000 more trees, and our ambitious plans to re-wild and reforest areas between West End and Fair Oak.

I'm fortunate to work as part of a strong team, in West End and across the Borough. Working together we achieve more than we could individually. Only in the last month we've seen the Council's local plan adopted, protecting the green fields in West End from hostile development in spite of nationally-imposed housing targets; and the approval of 140,000 square meters of new public green space just north of Allington railway bridge.

In 2018/19, I had the great privilege of being the Mayor of Eastleigh; raising over £14,000 for local causes including the local Scouts, Wildern Opportunity Group, the National Autistic Society and the Alzheimer's Society. I'm pleased to have continued my association with the Scouts, by becoming President of Itchen North Scouts covering an area from Botley to Bitterne.

Since lockdown, I've been campaigning for better broadband infrastructure in West End, so that home working and learning are easier in the future. Better connectivity isn't just a boost during lockdowns, it supports new working patterns that can reduce transport-related emissions, reduce traffic congestion, and help people find a better work-life balance.

Over the last few months, I've had the great pleasure of speaking to many of you on your doorsteps, but inevitably I haven't been able to visit everybody so if you've any questions please just send an email to [email protected]

I hope next Thursday that you'll choose to put your trust in me again, by re-electing me as Borough Councillor for West End North.

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