A two-horse race in Eastleigh Borough!

horses.pngPeople across Eastleigh Borough know that the choice locally is between Mike Thornton’s Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

Labour just aren’t serious contenders here - and now the bookmakers William Hill has placed them well out of the race, Labour at 100-1 to win our constituency at the General Election next May.

Labour and UKIP failed to win a single Borough Council seat last May - they have no Borough Councillors!

From protecting local services like our youth provision against Hampshire Conservative cuts, to fighting for more investment and jobs for our borough, our local MP Mike Thornton and the Lib Dem team has the best record of delivery for local people.

The choice is clear: a hard-working local MP Mike Thornton, or a a Conservative who won't stand up against Hampshire's Conservative County cuts and waste.

Only a vote for Mike next May can stop the Conservatives from taking our area backwards.

Labour admit: They can’t win here



More local jobs and apprenticeships

More local jobs and apprenticeships

Mike's helped boost the number of local apprenticeships to 3440 since 2010 - help his campaign for even more!

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Across our borough Mike Thornton & the Eastleigh Lib Dems are fighting to protect the green gaps between our villages