Mike's £700 Tax Cut - Delivered


60,000 local workers will benefit from a £700 tax cut thanks to action by the Liberal Democrats in government.

From April, 61,000 local workers will already be paying £600 less in income tax than they did under Labour - and the Liberal Democrats have won the fight to cut their taxes further still. This means nobody will be paying tax on the first £10,000 that they earn from April 2014.

The Liberal Democrats promised to introduce this tax cut for ordinary families at the last election. Now the £700 tax cut has been delivered ahead of schedule.

Local MP Mike Thornton commented, “The rising cost of living is making things tough for everyone right now. This tax cut will help ease the squeeze on household budgets. 

“It’s good news too that the Liberal Democrats have delivered a freeze in council tax bills. This has saved local households an average of £300.”

Meanwhile Conservative Hampshire has wasted millions on smart new offices for council bosses and £223,000 on showing council meetings online. At the same time they have cut libraries, youth services and pensioners’ bus passes.

Mike added, “In these tough times, we all know that every penny counts. That’s why the Liberal Democrats need to do even more to help local people. As our local MP I'll continue to fight for action to help ordinary local people, and work with Lib Dem Eastleigh council to continue to protect vital local services.”

The Liberal Democrats have delivered a £700 income tax cut for 60,000 people in our area.

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