Only a Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh will truly stand up for fairer taxes – Williams

Ahead of his campaign visit to the Eastleigh by-election, Liberal Democrat treasury spokesman, Stephen Williams accused Labour of brazenly recycling the Lib Dem policy of a mansion tax.

He also said it was stunning for the Eastleigh Conservatives to try to take credit for a £600 tax cut - benefiting 61,000 local workers – which is only being delivered thanks to Lib Dems in government.

The income tax cut for ordinary working people was the number one priority on the front page of the Liberal Democrats 2010 manifesto.

Mr Williams said: “The Conservatives in Eastleigh are trumpeting the income tax cut we’ve delivered for working people. But the Conservative priority is tax cuts for the richest. It is the Liberal Democrats who have made sure 61,000 local people will be paying £600 less in income tax than they did under Labour.

“And the Liberal Democrats are fighting to cut their taxes further still. It is clear that only a Liberal Democrat MP for Eastleigh will truly stand up for fairer taxes.

“Labour are also trying to erase their record. Labour cannot win over the trust of the people of Eastleigh with recycled Lib Dem policies like a mansion tax and fairer taxes.

“Labour left us with the biggest peacetime deficit this country has ever had.

“Both Labour’s magpie approach and the Tories trying to steal credit shows the value of a strong Liberal Democrat presence in Parliament and Government.”

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