Mike intervenes in bid to speed up 'chaotic' roadworks

"Traffic chaos".

That's how a County MP has labelled the ongoing disruption caused by roadworks in Colden Common.

After visiting the site for himself this morning (pictured, Friday 24th January) with local Councillor Des Scott, Fair Oak's MP Mike Thornton said he was 'shocked' to find just one worker on the main site, and a clear pathway past the works on one side of the road.

Des_Scott_and_Mike_Thornton_1_web.JPGThe roadworks, being undertaken by Southern Water to replace a burst water pipe, have closed the B3354 between Colden Common and Fair Oak since 6th January, causing untold traffic chaos to local residents and businesses in the area.

With work not set to finish on the stretch of road until the end of February, local MP Mike Thornton said today that his office had received a number of complaints about the roadworks, and had seen a huge response from Bishopstoke and Fair Oak residents to the congestion via social media.

Our local MP is seeking a full explanation from Southern Water and Hampshire County Council for the mess and the apparent lack of manpower on site.

Mike revealed that he first wrote to Southern Water expressing concerns over the works back in November last year, and has now written to Conservative-run Hampshire County Council, in a bid to speed up the work.

While most accept that the work is required to repair old water mains running under the road, local residents have complained that often there is no visible work taking place on the site, and have questioned why the road cannot be reopened during set times to relieve congestion.

Despite the controversy, Southern Water say the works are on track, and will continue until the end of February.

Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton said:

"Like many who live locally, I know how frustrating these works are. They have caused traffic chaos in the area way beyond what is acceptable.

"I was surprised and frankly shocked to find so little presence on the site this morning. Despite the 'Road Closed' signs, the work is all taking place on one side of the road currently. At peak times, I see no reason why there couldn't be a steady flow of traffic in one direction to help ease the congestion. Southern Water have some questions to answer: why have they enforced a full closure of the road at this stage of the works."

Fair Oak Councillor Des Scott added:

"While we all understand that roadworks like these are necessary to keep essential infrastructure in good order, the County Council and Southern water have a duty to keep disruption to the minimum possible.

"It appears that this has been badly planned from the very start, causing long delays for people and damaging our local economy. More must be done to make life easier for everyone living near the works."

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