MP fights for firefighters

Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton has recently met with fire minister Penny Mordaunt to hold the minister to account and ensure Government delivers on its guarantee on firefighters' pensions. 


The government recently voted to reform firefighters’ pensions, as part of wider reforms to public service pensions.

Before the vote, Mike Thornton MP demanded assurances from the government that firefighters between the age of 55 and 60 who are unable to continue to work and who can't be redeployed will be protected and will receive an unreduced pension.

Mike said: “Firefighters provide vitally important service and consistently put themselves in danger to protect us."

“I fully appreciate the physical and emotional stresses of the job require a careful evaluation of what constitutes a fair and reasonable pension age and the desire of firefighters to make sure their pension scheme offers them a fair and sustainable deal.”

Mike Thornton MP and John Hemming MP for Birmingham Yardley met Penny Mordaunt MP, the Minister responsible for the fire service, on Monday 2nd March to hold the minister to account and ensure the Government delivers on its promise to protect fire fighters between the ages of 55 and 60.

Both MPs issued this statement following the meeting:

"We are both concerned that the government sticks to the commitment it gave the firefighters in respect of their pensions.  We only supported the government in the vote on the Fire Service pensions because of that commitment.    We are pleased that Ms Mordaunt confirmed the commitment in the meeting.  She made reference to a meeting with the employers (the LGA) earlier that day which saw progress.

We are concerned, however, that firefighters will be expected to sign an agreement in April.  We suggested to the government that they give the firefighters a letter confirming they have a guarantee that if the pension scheme changes are not agreed voluntarily by the Fire Service they will be imposed on the fire service once the fitness standards have been agreed nationally later this year.

We are committed to keep Government to its commitment given by Penny Mordaunt MP in Parliament to firefighters.”

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