Mike Thornton.  A Real Voice for Eastleigh in Parliament.


Three things to remember:

1. Mike Thornton has ten years’ experience standing up for Eastleigh - on our Councils, and in Parliament. 

2. The Conservatives have broken their promise to Eastleigh and have lost the trust of local people. 

3. Labour have already lost the election nationally, and here in Eastleigh. The Liberal Democrats are the only effective opposition to hold the Conservatives to account. 

A real voice for our schools and children

Conservative cuts to school funding threaten the quality of teaching in our schools.

Mike and the Lib Dems will fight to restore funding for our children’s education and get the school places we need for the future.

A real voice for our NHS

Thousands of operations have been cancelled due to the Conservatives’ bed blocking scandal.

Mike and the Lib Dems will secure funding to join up health and social care and get the doctors we need for our ageing population.

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