Mike Supports Local Pubs and Hamble Lifeboat

Mike Thornton MP visited Ye Olde Whyte Harte on Hamble High Street this weekend and pulled a pint with owner Stewart Barnard, before enjoying a pub lunch with Lib Dem activists and councillors after a productive canvassing session.


Mike with Stewart Barnard and Lib Dem Councillors Malcolm Cross (left) and Suzy Hamel

In November, Mike voted in favour of an amendment to the Small Business Bill, opposed by the Government, to help deliver a fair deal for local pubs. Mike joined 28 Lib Dems in supporting a “market rent only” amendment which will give pub landlords new rights over who they buy their beer from.

As well as thanking Mike for his support, Mr Barnard showed off the pub's entry in "Hamble's Full Monty", a charity calender organised by Hamble's Local Ladies Business Group, which is being sold to raise money for the building of a new lifeboat station in Hamble.

Mike said: “As I've said before, small pubs have been squeezed for too long, often forced to pay above market rates for their beer. 

"Pubcos have used their dominance in the market place to exploit hard working publicans for years. This hurts not only our local pubs but also pub goers as extra costs were passed on to them.

"I was proud to stand up for hard-working small businesses in Eastleigh in November, so it gives me great pleasure to promote the Hamble Lifeboat Calender which sees so many Hamble businesses rally together to strengthen the community."

Ye Olde Whyte Harte is a beautiful 17th Century Inn, located on the High Street, Hamble, SO31 4JF.

Hamble Lifeboat is an independent Lifeboat Service operating in the Solent and Southampton waters. It relies on public donations - you can find it's JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/hamblelifeboat

You can buy copies of the calender for £10, with all proceeds going towards a new Hamble Lifeboat Station: http://www.fullmontyhamble.co.uk/our-aim/4580335413

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