Lib Dem Health Spokesman Praises Eastleigh Mental Health Practitioners

Norman Lamb, Lib Dem spokesman for health and a government minister with responsibility for care, has praised mental health practitioners in Eastleigh following a visit to a music lesson held in partnership with Southampton Community Orchestra (SOCO) and Solent Mind on Wednesday 11th March.


Mike Thornton, MP for Eastleigh, said: “I was delighted to show Norman the great mental health services we have here in Eastleigh and see first-hand the positive effects that community campaigns can have on vulnerable people.


“I have always believed that those suffering from mental health issues should be given the same provision we give those with physical health problems, which is why I introduced legislation in Parliament to establish maximum waiting times and proper standards for access to services.


“The Lib Dems in Government have taken the lead on improving mental health services in the UK and I’m very grateful to Norman for taking the time to visit Eastleigh, reinforcing our commitment in  this area.”


Norman Lamb said: “It was great that Mike invited me down to Eastleigh to see some of the brilliant work being done here to support those with mental health conditions.


“Since he was first elected Mike has been working in Parliament to promote access to mental health services, and I have been incredibly impressed by his commitment to this cause.


“The music lesson held in partnership with SOCO and Solent Mind was an inspiring example of what we can achieve by focussing on enabling people to enjoy life – looking at the whole person and not just their illness.”


The Liberal Democrat Deputy Prime Minister , Nick Clegg, is set to announce £1.25bn extra funding for Mental health services in England in the next week's Budget. The money, spent over next five years, will help more than 100,000 young people.


The plan will also introduce the first ever waiting-time standards for children and extra specialists in talking therapy.


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