Latest job figures show rising employment and business in Eastleigh

The latest unemployment figures show that more people are finding work and that new business are opening in Eastleigh.

Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Thornton welcomed the news saying that Eastleigh was proving its ability to create jobs and boost business, leading the way for the South East.

  • The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in the constituency has fallen by almost 20%.
  • The number of young people in Eastleigh out of work has fallen by a third.
  • The number of young people out of work is now lower than when Labour left office.
  • Exactly 100 new firms have started in the constituency in 2012.

The Liberal Democrat-run Eastleigh Borough Council has invested in the Ageas Bowl to help create 500 jobs and deliver annual investment of £50m to the local economy.

They have helped deliver more than 2,000 apprenticeships and the investment at Wessex House has helped Eastleigh entrepreneurs start businesses and employ staff.

Mike Thornton said: “We know that times are tough and there is still a long way to go to repair our economy after the failings of Labour and the banks.

“I am extremely pleased to see that here in Eastleigh we are creating jobs, helping people back to work and importantly making sure young people have the jobs they need to get on in life.
“Eastleigh Liberal Democrats know that the future of our borough relies on creating the work and investment. That is why I am proud to be part of the team developing the Ageas Bowl and supporting Wessex House.”

More local jobs and apprenticeships

More local jobs and apprenticeships

Mike's helped boost the number of local apprenticeships to 3440 since 2010 - help his campaign for even more!

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Across our borough Mike Thornton & the Eastleigh Lib Dems are fighting to protect the green gaps between our villages