Save Our Kings Copse Gap!

RK_Sovereign_Dr_2_copy.jpgLocal Kings Copse residents have been outraged at the news that a big builder is trying to push ahead with plans that would destroy the green gap between Botley and Kings Copse.

Bewley Homes want to build on the gap between Kings Copse and Brook Lane, on land to the rear of Sovereign Drive and Precosa Road (pictured).

The greedy developer wants to build 108 houses on the open space, and demolish two existing houses to build an extra road for access.

You can find out more about the proposals by visiting the Council website here.

The Lib Dem Borough Council want to protect this site and KEEP IT GREEN. The Council’s “Local Plan” says NO to housing here.

We don’t want big builders only interested in their profits to wreck our green gap!

Join the campaign to stop big builders trying to build on our gap. There are three things you can do:

1. Sign our petition now.

2. Ask your friends and neighbours to sign the petition

3. Write individual letters or emails of objection to these planning proposals.

There are details on the Council website You can see them here.

Residents only have until 10th January to get their comments in to the Council. These can be submitted on the website or by post to Head of Development Control, Eastleigh Borough Council, Civic Offices, Leigh Road SO50 9YN quoting reference F/13/73606. Time is short so please do it today!


"We the undersigned OPPOSE development between Sovereign Drive and Brook Lane."

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