Fair Oak school-girl's sanitation campaign gets MP backing

It's a basic part of our lives, but for many living in developing countries, having access to clean water and sanitised toilets is something unknown.

Now a Fair Oak school-girl has launched an attention-grabbing campaign to highlight the problem, and has already won the backing of her local MP Mike Thornton.

Mike_Thornton___Bethany_Alford_web.JPGBethany Alford has collected signatures in support of her campaign on a toilet seat to highlight the lack of toilet facilities in developing countries. Over 100 people have already signed the seat, and this week Bethany presented the colourful toilet seat to her MP Mike Thornton, asking him to raise the issue of water santitation with other MPs in Westminster. 

Bethany said, "We take clean water and sanitised facilities such as toilets for granted, but what is a basic necessity to us would be a luxury to many people around the world."

The 14-year old continued, "I wanted to do something to bring this to people's attention, it's just not right one child dies every 20 seconds because of the lack of clean water. I'm pleased Mike has taken this on board and I'm keen to keep campaigning to get this issue on the political agenda." 

Local MP Mike Thornton has agreed to take the issue right to the top, and has written to the Secretary of State for International Development to raise the issues in Bethany's campaign. 

Commenting, MP Mike Thornton, said, "I was staggered by some of the statistics Bethany presented to me. Water-borne diseases could be reduced by 21% just by improving the water supply in developing countries.

"I agree with Bethany, it's heartbreaking to see so many needless deaths due to diseases like cholera, that were wiped out in this country centuries ago. More must be done to combat this problem, and I have promised Bethany that I will lobby Ministers and other MPs to make sure the UK Government is doing all it can to change things for the better.

"I'd also like to pay tribute to Bethany's campaign, she's shown fantastic initiative to launch it, and I have to say the toilet seat petition (pictured) is one of the most creative petitions I've ever received as an MP!", Mike added.

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