Protect our countryside from building plans

Local Lib Dem MP Mike Thornton is working hard with the Lib Dem team across our borough.

The team are working to protect the land between our villages from development. In our area, residents are angry with the Conservatives for putting green fields under threat from big builders.

The local Lib Dems have the best record of protecting the gaps between our villages. The Lib Dem team have BLOCKED Conservative County plans for housing at Tanhouse Lane and Kings Copse Avenue.

Hampshire Conservatives’ plans are now threatening EVERY greenfield site in our Borough. Meanwhile some Conservatives have even been suggesting that MORE land be allocated for housing.

Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton said, “The Lib Dem team have the best record of protecting our greenfield gaps - we’ll keep fighting for our countryside.”

The Conservatives listen to developers, Lib Dems listen to you. 

If you want to protect our green spaces from Conservative housing plans, sign our petition now. 

We the undersigned support Mike Thornton’s campaign to protect our greenfield gaps from Conservative housing plans.

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