Conservative attempts to re-write history won’t fool Eastleigh voters

The Conservatives in Eastleigh are trying to re-write history and cover up the Tory record over the Hamble gravel pit.

Campaign literature from the Conservatives says that Maria Hutchings was opposed to the Tory-backed gravel pit in Hamble “since plans were announced” despite the fact she was living in Essex at the time.

She moved to the constituency in late 2007, more than a year after the plans were discovered by the Eastleigh Liberal Democrats.

In 2006, while Liberal Democrats in Eastleigh were campaigning against the Gravel Pits, Maria Hutchings was trying to get selected in Mid Norfolk (September 2006), Stevenage (October 2006) and Basildon (November 2006).

The Liberal Democrats in Eastleigh were the first to expose the disastrous Conservative County Council plot to dig a gravel pit in Hamble. We have been leading the campaign against it ever since.

  • Conservative campaign leaflets say: “Maria Hutchings has been campaigning on this issue, alongside local people, since plans were announced.”
  • At the first hustings of the campaign, held at Wyvern Technology College (Sunday), Maria also said she was “the first” to hold a campaign meeting on the issue.

Liberal Democrat Eastleigh Borough Council Leader, Keith House said:

“The Liberal Democrats uncovered these Conservative plans before Maria even knew where Eastleigh was.

“If the Tories were genuinely against the gravel pit they would have done something years ago.

“This is a Conservative plan to destroy one of the most picturesque areas in the country, which would see industrial lorries travelling up country lanes and a natural habitat destroyed forever.

“The only way people can stop the gravel pit is by electing a Liberal Democrat on 28 February.”

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More local jobs and apprenticeships

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Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

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