Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton fights for railway station lift to aid disabled passengers

Local Lib Dem MP Mike Thornton has called for improvements to a local train station to help disabled travelers and those with pushchairs.


Eastleigh’s Hedge End railway station currently has no lift, creating a serious inconvenience for passengers with disabilities.  Mike has raised the issue with the Minister for Transport in Parliament.


Currently, anyone requiring a lift has to instead take an unlit, narrow path that is difficult to navigate with wheelchairs and pushchairs to the other side of the station.  The path is proving too difficult to use. People are instead opting to take a train to another station, in the opposite direction of their destination, so they can cross the platform on a lift at another station.


The whole processes adds considerable time to their commute.


Local MP Mike Thornton said: "The path meant for people to cross the platform is difficult for the disabled and for parents with small children in pushchairs to use. It is absurd that anyone has to take a train in the exact opposite direction that he or she needs to go in.”


“This ridiculous situation just emphasises that people are disabled by their environment more than they are by their disability. I will continue pushing for a lift to be installed.”


Funding for a lift has been denied on the basis that not enough people use the station as a whole.  Mike pressed the Minister to revaluate the basis that the funding was denied on.


The Minister for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, replied that the Access for All Transport programme has been expanded.  However, Hedge End railway station still has not been granted funding for a lift. Mike continues to push for one.

Photo: "Mike with Emma Norman, Hedge End Town Councillor and Eastleigh Borough Council candidate for Hedge End Wildern, at Eastleigh's Hedge End station."

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