Stop UKIP's 4000 house chaos


UKIP have announced their backing for a whole new 4000 house town at Allington Lane, calling it a 'Perfect Solution'.

Residents are shocked by UKIP's plan, which would concrete over miles of countryside off Allington Lane, and cause traffic chaos on our local roads, from Eastleigh with a road straight into Eastleigh town centre, right through Bishopstoke, Fair Oak, Horton Heath, West End and Hedge End.

Mike Thornton stands up for our countryside

Local MP Mike Thornton has started a campaign to ensure Allington Lane is protected and UKIP’s plan for 4000 houses is stopped.

Mike said, "UKIP’s 4000 house plan would destroy precious countryside gaps that local people and the campaigners have worked so hard to save over many years.

"It would create untold traffic chaos, from Fair Oak and Bishopstoke, right over to Eastleigh, and down to Horton Heath, West End and Hedge End. Local roads just would not be able to cope.

Mike_green_fields.jpg"Eastleigh Borough Council have published a plan to save Allington Lane and many other sites around the borough from building, but UKIP seem determined to destroy the gaps between our villages."


Mike has launched a petition to protect Allington Lane and sites like it from UKIP’s 4000 house plan. Back Mike’s campaign to safeguard our green spaces by signing the petition today!

"I/we the undersigned back Mike Thornton’s campaign to stop UKIP’s plan to build 4000 houses at Allington lane, that would destroy green gaps and cause traffic chaos."

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    Building more houses will cause more chaos on our roads and it will damage the local wildlife there as well if building houses gos ahead.
More local jobs and apprenticeships

More local jobs and apprenticeships

Mike's helped boost the number of local apprenticeships to 3440 since 2010 - help his campaign for even more!

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Stop the Hamble gravel pit

Across our borough Mike Thornton & the Eastleigh Lib Dems are fighting to protect the green gaps between our villages